Tuesday, June 26, 2012

With God There Are No Losing Battles

Lord, I trust you. I have said, "You are my God." My life is in your hands. Psalm 31:14-15

The most effective way to lose the battles we face in life is to fall prey to the negative voice that keeps reminding us of our failures. So you messed up. So what? Now is the time to remember who has your back. The Holy Spirit is your guide, not the whispering voices of doom and discontent. Christ is your constant companion who can only be displaced by doubt. God knows you clear to the core and can take you forward. Dissatisfaction and doubt takes you backward. You have the three-in-one, the Holy Trinity all around you to pick you up, dust you off and walk beside you. Giving into temptation once doesn’t doom you forever, unless you allow it to. No matter what you are doing, you have an all-powerful team on your side. Instead of looking down in despair, look up into the light of heaven.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day Light

Shout with joy to the Lord, O earth! Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before Him, singing with joy. Psalm 100:1-2

Red rays weave in and out
Through threads of mauve clouds
Touched with pearl grey
Highlighted with ocher and red
Crimson and gold.
It is day light touched gently
With mist rising out of the
The dark horizon of night.
Rising, rising changing the sky
Brightening, shining, warming
Pulling the day into being.


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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What does it mean to be God aware?

Shout with joy to the Lord, O earth! Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before Him, singing with joy. Psalm 100:1-2

 Be spiritually awake and God aware. What does that mean? Life in the modern age seems to be focused on self-improvement and self-awareness. Neither reflects a desire for heaven's joy. Being God aware begins with being worshipful and open to God at work in your life. 
  • Reach out to those who are lonely and lost, and in whatever ways you can, relieve their pain.
  • Build other people up. Help them identify and believe in their God-given gifts.
  • Wear a smile and pass it on.
  • Surround yourself with nurturing people and experiences so when the time comes you may nurture others who are in need of care.
  • Pray. It isn't a formula; it's a faith practice. Pray from your heart.
 God is listening. God is at work. We are his hands.


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