Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Me, Lord

Psalm 143: 7-11

It’s me, Lord, a little uncertain as a new day begins,
Fearful of the demands of life in the days ahead.
I may not be able to meet expectations.
Whatever I do, Lord, may it be your will.

It’s me, Lord, thankful you are with me
As I wade into the mix of life that tests my patience,
Occasionally sparks anger,
And sometimes brings about poor choices.

It’s me, Lord, your sometimes unwilling tool,
Praying I will listen for your voice
Which comes in many forms,
Reminding me of your promise to love, comfort, and nurture.

It’s me, Lord, thankful that doing your will
Makes it possible to initiate change in myself.
My reward is the peace that comes from knowing
You are with me at every step.

It’s me, Lord, thankful for the strength
That empowers me do what needs to be done,
And for the ways, great and small, I am able
To be effective and productive.

It’s me, Lord, praying I will be prepared
To do whatever comes my way
Based on your plan uniquely designed for me.
Your presence in my life is the greatest gift of all.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


9/11 Revival Continues 
by Sharon Vander Meer

Peace of mind,
Peace at heart,
Peace in friendships,
Peace in love.

Peace through me,
Peace through you,
Peace in the home,
Peace in the world.